Our Partners are people and organizations that share in our mission of helping individuals kept out of the active living world achieve extraordinary accomplishments. If you would like to become a partner, please contact us.

CoachMePlus is the exclusive data collection software app of BioKinetiX. We have worked directly with them to customize their sports science app to fit and meet the needs of all of our students. Their app has allowed us to collect and analyze performance data of our students, and for parents and students to independently log and track their own performance.

Rhone is our featured partner and is the exclusive apparel provider for Biokinetx trainers! Rhone is unique in that it does not hold odor because of the way it is designed and made due to antimicrobial agents. Biokinetix uses Rhone because many of our clients have sensory issues involving smell, and Rhone apparel allows them to be comfortable. If you like the way we look, check out Rhone’s website by clicking the Rhone Image and enjoy a 20% discount off of your entire order with code BIOKINETIX on us!

Notch is the exclusive motion capture technology partner of Biokinetix Fitness, employing state of the art technology to capture exercises in real time.